Get 1-on-1 professional tutoring with Marie Plett, a top champion of the TORI and ROAR Awards, and a respected industry authority in resume visual formatting.

Become proficient in:

     •   Developing award-winning resumes that judges love
     •   Producing ATS-friendly graphic resumes
     •   Designing graphics, logos, charts, and templates in MS Word
     •   Creating high-resolution resume samples for website displays
     •   Using Photoshop to change colors and alter images
     •   Mastering JobScan to achieve 80%+ ATS scores/rankings
     •   Altering LinkedIn profile pics and customizing background art
     •   Beating the competition in LinkedIn Profinder – regardless of price point
     •   Getting the best possible information out of job seekers
     •   Strategizing complicated work histories
     •   Optimizing your writing style and making achievements pop

Learn whatever you want, whenever you want, in the comfort of your own home. Tutoring sessions are completed through Zoom screen-sharing, so you don’t even have to get dressed up or look nice. It’s all so easy.

STEP #1: Order a One-Hour Tutoring session, only $200/hour with a 10% discount for CDI members.

One-Hour Private Tutoring Session | $200

10% Discount for CDI Members (Must be listed in CDI Directory)

One-Hour Private Tutoring Session | $180

STEP #2: Schedule a one-hour Professional Tutoring Session at your convenience here:

STEP #3: An email will be sent to you with the URL to visit and the associated password for the video conference appointment. Simply click on the link and enter the password at the scheduled time. Additional advice and FAQs will be provided in this email to ensure a problem-free experience. 

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