Founded in 2004, AspirationsResume.com develops exquisite resumes for discerning executives. 

Our data-gathering process is conveniently customized to suit the individual needs, schedules, and preferences of our clients. If you are looking for cheap, fast, and cookie-cutter, we are not the resume writing service for you. If you are seeking only the finest in resume development, please contact us today.


Each uniquely stunning resume package is crafted by Marie Plett, a Certified Executive Resume Master who has won several prestigious industry awards. She creates one-of-a-kind executive biographies and resume masterpieces that have further propelled the careers of top Fortune 500 executives, revolutionary thought leaders, captains of industry, and board members of global organizations. Through her superb artistry, she's expertly marketed the achievements and qualifications of thousands of executives representing nearly every industry.

Every year, Marie dominates TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) Awards and ROAR (Recognizing Outstanding Achievement in Resumes) Awards. As a respected industry authority in resume visual formatting for applicant tracking software (ATS), Marie frequently trains fellow resume writers through conferences, webinars, and private tutoring.

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The best way to learn about me, my services, and everything that goes into my fail-proof, gorgeous resumes and LinkedIn profiles, is to watch this virtual consultation.
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